When being in a city you don't know, you would like someone to guide you best ¿right?
¿How would you feel having a friend who lives in tonwn, knows the best and would give you all the tips you need?
Well, I want to share all my tips with
¡Ana Laura Q's Favs!
In a way you can feel confortable moving around Campeche town and to visit some sites of interest. Im going to chitchat about some places I love to gran a bite or enjoy a nice glass of wine, sites where I suddenly love to escape to be with myself, locations where I found alive the culture that preceeds this town, paradises where I connect myself to nature, anyway!
  • Ready to arrive to Campeche?
  • If you travel from another country it is most likely that you will have to take a connecting flight as there might no be direct flights to Campeche city. I thus reccomend you to flight to Mexico City (MEX - Benito Juarez Intl. Airport) in the heart of the country or to Cancun City (CUN - Cancun Intl. Airport) in Quintana Roo state, south east side.
    Normally when I fly, if i come from Mexico or Cancun city, it takes about 1 hr. and 30 minutes lenght of flight depending of course on weather conditions and air traffic.
    The Campeche International Airport "Alberto Acuña Ongay" is located 5.5 miles from the city.
    Consider the arilines flight schdules as some of them flight in on certain days and hours. Those airlines coming to Campeche, are listed as follows:
  • Interjet
  • Aeroméxico
  • Volaris
  • Delta Airlines
  • United Airlines
  • Iberia
  • LATAM Airlines
  • Air France
  • Tip: To search for better deals, search your flight under incognito browser, this way you avoid the website to register your visit or hide and change the deals and offers you saw already.
    Once you arrive to the airport or bus station, you can easily take a taxi to your hotel. Bare on mind that transportacion fares may vary according to the distance.
    ¿To sleep? Well ¿Are you looking for a hostal, B&B, family oriented or luxury style retreat?
    I am a very romatic girl and I am always fascinanted by dream places like Haciendas, although there are many suitable options for all tastes. Since I started to be surrounded by people from all the globe visiting Campeche, I have discovered different likes according to their needs. Therefore I have listed my selection of accomodation options for you to stay in Campeche.
    Tip: It is know as "rack rate" to the public price offered which is the highest rate and might be negotiable. Regularly it is higher during Weekends. I suggest you to always try to book online to get the best deal available which might including perks. Or through the deals with Ana Laura Q eventos
  • When hungry ¿what do you feel like having?
  • I must confess that I love food, I like to try most of it and of course I keep my figure! But there are some temptations I cannot deny to. Even when having several options, I prefer to suggest my selected list of deli-deli corners!
    Talking about traditional-local food, I recommend you to visit Los Portales de San Francisco with a regional menú and traditional food options, Campeche local ambiance and family style.
    If you rather to have soemthing á la Carte, style you can visit La Pigua and don´t forget to order el tradicional Pan de Cazón or Pulpo Lorencillo (seasoning) & Camarones en salsa de queso.
    Thinking about TACOS ?? La Parrilla Colonial
    Sometimes when it is casual day and thinking about some International flavors, I like to relax at Briiz at the Malecón Av. with a nice glass of red wine and Later in the evening, I sometimes like to go to Makech Social Bar & order pls a Gin Mare Delicious!!
  • Campeche has nightlife? ... Of course, lets go!
  • It is certain that my city is still being easy and quiet to live at and it seems that all calms down at night. Local business close early, traffic decreases and you might not see people walking on the streets. However, you have to know where to go.
    Starting at 59 Street having some restaurants to have dinner and later some bars to have drinks & snacks
    Definitely I suggest “bar hopping” so you can start at sunset with a nice Cantina "La K´ntinflas" then move to Puerto Tuerto or Patroni´s Bar and if you are thinking about Dancing move to Tatich on the 59St also or get a taxi and go to Nightclub "Chupis Bar"
  • Mayan World, Pirates and Natural Paradises . ¿Where else if it is not here in Campeche ?
  • Proud of my state I recognize myself, having a marvellous wealth in culture, tradition and history.

    It fills me with energy and excitement every time I have the opportunity to visit the natural paradises that surround me, where the ruins of a culture lie and still alive. I get the goosebumps as I walk by the walled streets or when entering to the bastions, thinking of the stories of pirates and great ships.

    It makes me fall in love when I see the architecture of churchees and lighthouses from the colonial period, distributed strategically around the city. Don't forget to visit Edzná & Miguel Colorado you'll be amazed¡

    Anyways... I am delighted with my Campeche and I want to show it to you. This is just an introduction to the wonders you can find and a great way to combine them when you decide for us to make your dreams come true!
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    Campeche, México